Rules for booking a Sensual Massage

5 Rules for booking a Sensual Massage

If you decide to get a sensual massage for the first time, most likely you will feel excitement and fear. But don’t worry. Booking an erotic massage should be the same as any other appointment. Be polite and patient. Feel free to ask questions, but don’t overuse inappropriate comments.

We’ve compiled 5 basic rules that you should follow when you sign up for an erotic massage.

Decide what you want

Before you call the massage parlor, decide what exactly you want. It can be erotic show, sensual massage or four-handed massage. Think over the time you want to come at, the type of massage room, decide on the sex of the massage therapist – male or female. Ask on the Internet what different types of massage are. This is important if you want to be completely satisfied with the procedure you receive.

Be polite and respectful

When you call a massage parlor, communicate politely and listen patiently to the consultant. Don’t interrupt, don’t make too long pauses, don’t ask tactless questions. Remember, sensual massage is a service like any other, so be natural.


Don’t ask too many questions and don’t bargain

Prices for massage parlors are also fixed, like any other professional services, so don’t complain about the high cost, it’s annoying. And don’t ask for a discount. A large number of questions, especially tactless, cannot be asked over the phone. In this case, it’s better to come personally to the parlor and talk with a consultant.

Sign up for an appointment in advance

As a rule, the booking should be made at least a few hours in advance. The massage parlor has its own work schedule, other entries. Therefore, you cannot demand a consultant to record you here and now. You must also arrive on time for your session. Being late may delay the entire massage therapist’s schedule and impact other clients negatively. If for some reason you cannot come to the session, be sure to notify the parlor workers a few hours before the procedure.


During the session, you may want additional massage services, happy ending, for example. So keep your cash on hand. Tipping is also welcome, especially if you were satisfied with the masseuse’s work.

No matter how exciting the first session of erotic massage is, leave all your worries and expectations at the door. Let yourself relax and entrust your body to the professional hands of the massage therapist.

Author: Sophie